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Hello all

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A little bit about my self. My name is Evelyn. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with type 2. For the first 3 years I was in denial and would take my meds when I though of them. Then I had a year of having great blood sugar readings and doing eveything I was suppose to do. Now things are back to square 1. I can't get my blood sugars below 250. I'm laid off and have no insurance at the moment so I can't even go to see my Dr. I feel completely useless since I can't even keep this part of my life under control. And I'm here just looking for someone I can talk to about all this since my hubby doesn't understand what I am going through.
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A warm welcome Evelyn to our wonderful site. I am a type 1 and I have to have insulin to stay alive. And some food. :eek: I would think that to have to change your ways to persuade the BG meter to show great numbers is an art and a understanding of whats good to eat.
Look at the site and you will find there is great food and ways to loose the fat. :boxing: And that's the other is exercise. Counting carbs too.
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