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Hello and help needed please

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Hello all,

I hope it is ok that I am posting.

I am very concerned about my grown daughter.
In a nutshell, her type 1 is out of control. She told me again today that the doctor would not give her any more insulin--that she has enough . The doctor said she seemed to be resistant to insulin.

Her a1c's usually run in the high 9's.

She takes alot of insulin and each month she is usually short a bottle--so we go to the store and buy a bottle over the counter and I am the one who buys it. And I don't have that kind of money, but I find a way.

My feeling is she is NOT doing anything to control this-- no dieting, no exercise. So, my question is-- should I just tell her that I am not going to buy her any more insulin? With the hopes she will start dieting, exercising? I know if I don't--her sugars will go out of the roof.
I'm sorry if this sounds stupid--but I honestly don't know what to do. I am NOT diabetic--my daughter is.
Thank you for any help or guidance.
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There are many patient assistant programs out there these days, not at all like it used to be. She could most likely get her insulins free or at low cost (depending on her financial situation). Some programs that work through your Dr. or clinic and others you deal with directly through the company.
It's worth looking into as well as trying to find a free or low cost clinic, many of the clinics use these patient assistance programs for meds for their patients.
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