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Hello and help needed please

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Hello all,

I hope it is ok that I am posting.

I am very concerned about my grown daughter.
In a nutshell, her type 1 is out of control. She told me again today that the doctor would not give her any more insulin--that she has enough . The doctor said she seemed to be resistant to insulin.

Her a1c's usually run in the high 9's.

She takes alot of insulin and each month she is usually short a bottle--so we go to the store and buy a bottle over the counter and I am the one who buys it. And I don't have that kind of money, but I find a way.

My feeling is she is NOT doing anything to control this-- no dieting, no exercise. So, my question is-- should I just tell her that I am not going to buy her any more insulin? With the hopes she will start dieting, exercising? I know if I don't--her sugars will go out of the roof.
I'm sorry if this sounds stupid--but I honestly don't know what to do. I am NOT diabetic--my daughter is.
Thank you for any help or guidance.
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Limiting a patient's insulin? That's ... that's ... never mind. I won't go there. Let's just say that I also stand ready to join the volunteer postal service on your behalf.

I'm very glad you found us, and equally sorry that you had to!

I'm a Type 2, but on insulin. Diabetes is overwhelming at first, and demands more independent management by the patient than any other disease I know of. Unfortunately, our docs don't always recognize this, nor do they always provide the necessary tools.

If you don't mind my asking (and if you know), could you tell us what kind(s) of insulin(s) your daughter is taking? Most of us need more than one type of insulin to get any kind of control. Getting timing and dosages right often takes much tweaking ... eventually, most of us learn to do some/most of that on our own, with our doc's/diabetes educator's blessing.

Some folks here know how to get insulin fairly cheaply, though the selection may be limited. I'm no fan of Wal-Mart, but I believe I've seen that chain mentioned as a source.

Has she gotten any sort of diet advice, and what kind? Believe it or not, many of us were urged to eat plenty of carbohydrates ... which we simply cannot handle without gallons of insulin.

Has she ever been referred to a diabetes educator? Mine were nurses, wise in the ways of insulin. (Everything I know about diet, on the other hand, I learned right here.)

If your daughter's not talking, it's impossible to know whether she is, in fact, not trying ... or if she's tried to be compliant and it simply hasn't worked.

Professional medical care is vital. But, especially with diabetes, getting together with others in the trenches can be every bit as important.

Please join us often, and keep us posted!
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No call for embarrassment! Health "care" is atrocious in this country.

If you haven't done so already, you may want to check out the following:

-- There's a list of drug stores that provide free med and testing refills, with prescription. Often, docs and social service agencies aren't in the loop with each other, let alone have any knowledge of alternate sources, so they can't send you there.

-- Test strips are, perhaps, the largest expense -- and they're our first defense! If the drug stores above won't carry them, or strictly limit their supply, you may want to consider eBay. Seriously, several of our members do that. Meters themselves are often dirt-cheap or free. Try a Google search for "free diabetes meter."

-- There are self-management, support group and other options available through the University of South Florida Diabetes Center. I wish I could vouch for their quality.

Aaand, a point I forgot earlier ... Exercise. I was told not to exercise if my level is over 250. If your daughter is spiking near 600, she is likely unable to exercise much, or at all, even if she honestly believes she feels OK. (Yeah, speaking from experience, here. And I only hit the low 500s!)

When she gets her levels down, there is no need to head straight for the Olympics. Walking a bit more than usual will suffice, especially at first.

Hope some of this is of help. Please let us know!
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