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I can understand your frustration. I have a child he's 15 with type 1 and recently became insulin resitant (and he's very active, healthy weight and eats a good diet). It's a misconception of many that only diabetics overweight experience problems. I'm blessed with a good Dr. who is always willing to listen and help in anyway he can. We also were seeing 400 and close to 600's they added Metformin, but we're still having to do futher testing and going to a specialist to look into it futher, because we're not quiet straightened out all the way yet.

As for the buying the Insulin I wouldn't stop buying it, though I know it is very costly we had a period of about 6 months last year where we had no insurance and did not qualify for any help. Wal-Mart would sale us Humilin for $24.00 a vial, which is a lot less. Ask the Dr. about adding Metformin to go with her insulin.

I hope I may have helped a little.
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