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Hello- another Newbie

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New to the forum and to diabetes, I was told that I am Type 2 just before my 60th birthday. I met with a dietician but really didn't receive much information or maybe I've just thought of a lot more questions that I should have ask now that I've known for a bit longer. I was pretty much given a booklet and sent on my way??? I’m not taking any medicine an am only to test once a week, I’m not sure this sounds correct? I can’t remember what my fasting numbers were after the 4 hour test but I have a doctor’s appointment the first part of February and will ask. My morning fasting numbers run around 103 and a few times 120. I haven’t been doing the 2 hour after eating test but think I should just to get an idea of the reaction of different foods. I have lost about 18 pounds so far and was told I needed to lose a total of 30. I pretty much eat three meals a day with a snack around three in the afternoon. I’m still in that “NO SUGAR/CARBS” stage because I really don’t know what I’m doing. I will discuss taking a class or meeting with the dietician more often when I go back to the doctor. My mother was diabetic, pill form and I have one brother that takes shots. I’ve been trying to read and gather information so at least I can have a better understanding when I go back. Thanks for listening.
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Thank you for the welcome, I see you are a Missourian, I am from the bootheel. Small World.
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