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Welcome to DF. Many doctors will ignore you if you HbA1c is normal. Your fasting bgs are very close to full blown diabetes (126). Your after meal numbers are definitely in the full blown diabetic range. The recomended bg readings for diabetics are 100 or under for fasting and 120-140 or less for after meal numbers. So definitely demand extra testing, even if he tells you that you are normal. Also since you are young and also have several auto immune diseases you might want to consider the GAD 65 antibody test. If your body is producing antibodies they could be attacking your pancreatic beta cells. If so you are LADA ( slow onset type 1 ). If you are you may need aggresive treatment to preserve any beta cell you do have. Also many of us have found in addition to medication/insulin diet and exercise are important. Even healthy carbs like wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal,fruit and potatoes don't treat our bgs kindly. So many of us avoid those foods.
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