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Hello, everyone!

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My name is Addie and I'm a Type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed August of 2008 with an A1c of 11.3% and a non-fasting BG of 346 mg/dL.

Right now I am on a very low-carbohydrate diet, as well as Metformin and Glyburide. I am proud to say that I have lost 53 pounds so far and that I brought my A1c down to 5.0% as of my last doctor's appointment in March.

I feel so much better now than I have in years, especially because of the significant weight loss! Right now my goal is to improve my HDL and lower my total cholesterol while maintaining good blood sugar.

I have joined other diabetes forums on the internet, but I am always looking for more information, support, and advice.
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Thanks, everyone!

I have heard about the positive effects of almonds on cholesterol. I wish almond were my favorite nut. I have some every day (along with cashews and macadamia), but maybe I should increase my almond intake. I'm also taking fish oil and eating flax. I don't know if I can give up cheese. :)
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