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Hello everyone

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My name is Chuck, and I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. For the first couple of years I did really well controlling my BG levels, just taking small dose of metphormin. When we moved from Arizona to Georgia it seemed like I lost all control. For the past year and a half my A1C's have been over 8, the highest was 9. My doctor has gradually increased my meds, so now I'm on the maximum dose of glucovance (two pills in the morning, and two at night), and the maximum dose of Januvia. The beginning of the month my doctor started me on Actos, and I haven't seen any affect at all. I've gradually increased my dosage from 15mg to 45mg, and I'm still getting fasting numbers around 200 in the morning. So tomorrow I go back to the doctor, and I'm afraid he's going to start me on insulin. I say afraid, but I really want to get my BG under control. I already have a weight problem and I'm worried about more weight gain. I guess i just needed to vent a little bit. I'd love to hear others' experiences, and any advice is welcome.
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Hello Chuck, welcome to Diabetes Forums! Type 2 diabetes is progressive. Long term Type 2 diabetics are sometimes able to have good control by diet and exercise alone after diagnosis. Then , later on, they need medication. Eventually the dosages of the meds have to be increased. Years later the meds may no longer be effective and insulin is prescribed. I have many online friends with Type 2 who use insulin. Most of them have very good control with insulin injections and they are happy and leading normal lives. The few who who still had control problems are now using insulin pumps. Insulin by injection or by pump gives excellent control.

I have been Type 1 for 64 years and I am very healthy. I have used insulin all those years. I am living proof that insulin is very effective.

The best advice I have for you is to lose the extra weight and then you may find the medicines are more effective. Some very overweight diabetics I know lost so much weight that they were able to stop medication and control their diabetes by diet and exercise. When I want to lose weight I reduce my daily carb intake and increase my exercise. I currently eat 130g of carbs per day and exercise two hours per day. I lose weight that way and never gain. One of my best online friends eats only 80 carbs per day. He has lost much weight. You have to work very hard to lose weight and get better control. It is up to you! Good luck.

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