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Sonot sure where to start. But here it goes. My name is Vadim I've lived in Maryland since the age of 6 now im 28 years old. Originally I am from Russia. Now i work in IT and loving it. I've been a type 2 diabetic since 2008. I've actually never been able to control my diabetes. I hope i can control it better or better yet lose enough weight and not have to worry about it. On good days when my sugar is in check i give myself one shot at night. I do 40 units of long term insulin (Lantus) that's it i don't take any other medicine. When my sugar is not in check i start giving myself 2 shots of long term insulin and i start out with 40 units day and night. It's got as bad as 90 units night and day, when it get's to that point i start giving myself short term insulin before food also. Then i'll take antibiotics for a week and my sugar goes back to normal. NEW MYSTERY ALERT. i'll start a new topic on this because i need advice if anyone else has dealt with the issue i have now.:)
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