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Hello Lizzy from Michigan: :)

Good to see you here. Since you're just over the border,
I guess your temperatures are warming up also. 'Bout time,
I'd say.

Hey, 1964. Great! I hope that you are still doing well or
reasonably so. It would be Nice to hear your experiences
and knowledge gained, as well as others.

We could use some info on the topic of pumps here, if you
are up to it. Welcome aboard!

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Hey There Lizzy: :)

Ya, it was 12c the day I mentioned the weather, now it is 5c. :rolleyes:
I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the weather. It's been raining here.
It finally stopped today.

I'm sorry that you needed a by-pass but Glad that you are doing Good,
yes considering the way things were back then.

Wow, you are Very sensitive to Insulin if you only take 12-15 units total.
I usually take between 35 and 40 units. I split my Lantus so it works
Good for me.

The meter has changed so many lives. Thank Goodness for that. It
may not be totally accurate but a lot better than those Clinitest tablets
and strips.

You're saying that insurance doesn't cover the CGMS? That was a
gadget I actually wanted to get so I could see my blood reads when-
ever. Yes I could certainly see you needing it if you live by yourself.
I'm Glad that you are getting Good use of your pump and your Dexcom.

You can talk as much as you like. We enjoy talking to People, hearing their stories, sharing experiences and helping,
if they need help. I'm long-winded sometimes also. :D

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Gee Lizzy, I'm sorry to hear of your Husband passing away. You aren't
Very old, so I will presume that he was close to your age. That's
certainly heart-breaking when People die young. Now cancer is one of
the worst diseases, for sure.

I'm the same as you. I surely didn't like Diabetes but I accepted it since
I didn't have a choice. I was only 3 yrs. when dxd. as my 2 Brothers.
So it wasn't 'til I was in Grade 2 that I realized that I wasn't quite the
same as my classmates since they were allowed to eat candy and
other sweets and I wasn't. Quite a disapointment, I must say. Oh well....

I'm Glad that you are doing Well with your pump and CGMS. :)
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