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Hello from the Pacific NW

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I've been type 2 for 5 years. Controlled well with oral meds, diet and exercise. The doctors said it was unusual for someone like me, good weight and diet, lots of exercise, to be diabetic. They thought I might be type 1.5, but no. Turns out to be genetic.
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Welcome...there are some others like you out there who unfortunately got the shallow end of the gene pool!
I am also a thinner Type 2 who has always exercised and was the first in my family to be dx'd D. I am 118 pounds and I was dx'd 4 years ago with a fasting of 240 and HbA1c of 10. At that time I was also a vegetarian eating fruits, whole grains and very low fat. So I guess I just drew the short straw. Actually 20% of type 2's are actually like us. Sometimes it is hard to get doctors to take us seriously because we don't fit their idea of what a diabetic looks like. I fear a lot of people like us may delay diagnosis because of how fit we are.
I was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic lymphoma) some time ago. I'm symptom-free, so they're doing "watchful waiting", so I'm getting tested regularly.

All my tests were fine for a few years until one where the doc says, "Wow, your blood glucose is really high! Come back tomorrow for a fasting test" Next day I tested 300+. I was stunned. Here I was normal weight, eating really well and exercising and I was diabetic? It wasn't until I talked to all my oldest relatives that I found out it ran in the family. I made it to about 55 before it got me.

Every day is a challenge when you're diabetic, but I've learned to live with it.
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