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Hello from VA

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Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I am new to the forum. I have been a diabetic for 20 years now, and cannot wait to chat with all of you!
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Welcome and Hello There Jason: :)

Hey 20 years with the D. Good Job! We hope that you are doing Well and we look forward to hearing about you and your experiences and ideas..
Hello there, welcome to our support group! I was born in Roanoke, VA in 1939 then diagnosed with Type 1 in 1945. I taught two years (1968-70) at VCU in Richmond before moving to Kingston,NY where I am still living.

I hope you are doing well. Tell us more about yourself!

hoi jason

wich also welcome here.
you may or can chat with me from europe.
send me a note ill give you my mail adress were i sometimes talk with people.

gr ria
Hey welcome Jason to our happy forum whare there is a wealth of information and also some fun too. Congrats on your 20th year of Diabetes as we all yearn for a cure. As for myself I have survived 37 years of this stupid disease. :D :p
Greetings Jason

Jason...I recently moved to Northern VA and am looking for support groups that deal with diabetes. Would you happen to know of any that have group sessions, etc.

Welcome Jason. I am daisycolors (Rhonda), have not been on the website for a few months due to summer break, no computer at home, cleaning out 20years worth of stuff and just enjoying the summer.
I have now moved into the age of technology with a computer actually at home. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about 19 months ago. She does not have to take insulin and her blood sugars are normal because of the way she eats and drinks.
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