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Hello I'm new.

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Hi i am new here, Well new to any Diabetics forum.

(sorry if my spelling is not correct)

A little about me... My name is Lisa i have a beautiful 4 year old girl, and a loving husband of 6 years.
lol 1 dog (bear) 1 cat (ZZ) and 1 fish (Fish).

I have been what was called (borderline diabetic) years ago when i was a kid. Diet controled. I have been told they dont call it that anymore-no such thing.
From about 8 years old to 28. Then i got pregnate and had gestasional diabetes.
After that they put me on depo shot and i have Hypothyriodism, From radeation treatment 1 month before i got pregnate.
I gain tons of weight was up to 330 pounds.

they just got my thyroid under contol after 4 years.

Ok so here i am and my fasting sugars 12-18 hours are
275-320 Now if i eat then it is anywhere between 370-425 (that is with medication) Pill form.

The clinic i go to the doc says 6 months ago if i lose wait my sugars will go back to normal.

I have lost 98 pounds and the sugars numbers are still the same.
Yes i know that 220 give or take a few is still alot of weight but i have not weighed under 200 pounds since i was 16 i'm 32 now.

And they still keep giving me this glimepiride 4mgx2 a day.
It only lowers my sugar by 25-50 points.
I cant take metformin it makes me physicaly sick. :yuck:

i dont know what to do but they need to figure it out.
I am guessing by the highness of my sugars that i am probley full diabetic now. So why wont they do any thing about it? They just keep saying lose more wieght it will go to normal.

220 for 16 years and i didn't have this problem.

Any comments (lol besides lose wieght) or ideas please feel free to post. Thanks, Lisa
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Hello Lisa and welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information to be found on the forum. I want to say "congratulations" on your weight loss and I wish you continued success. Your blood sugar readings are rather high and I would be pushing my doctor for more help in the medication area. In my opinion, it could take some time to drop another 60-70 pounds and you don't want to be running around with high fasting or post meal readings in the meantime. I would look into getting a new doctor who will work with you to help you obtain decent blood sugar readings and ask your doctor to run an A1C blood test. Your numbers are high enough to be considered having diabetes, but your doctor should make that final call. When I was diagnosed, my fasting blood sugar was about 125-126, just enough to be considered a diabetic, there was no pre-diabetes or borderline diagnosis made by my doctor. Ask all the questions that you want, we will try to help you.
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