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Hello and welcome, Lisa.

If you are able to find a new doctor, you should make the change as soon as possible, and look for an endocrinologist (they specialize in glandular disorders, which includes diabetes). You are not getting the cooperation you should from your medical team.

You are full-blown diabetic, and have been for a long time. While the weight loss is wonderful and it helps our insulin resistance, it is not a cure for diabetes. The Glimepiride is constantly pummeling your pancreas to make more insulin, when what you need is something that will give your pancreas a rest before all your beta cells are gone completely, never to return.

I weigh 220 lbs. my own self. Losing a bunch more weight would be nice, but it would NOT restore me to a non-diabetic state. Please start shopping for a new doc as soon as possible. My guess is that you could go on insulin therapy for awhile at least, until you can get these numbers down to where they aren't endangering your sight, your kidneys and other vital functions.
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