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Welcome to the Forum

Here at the forum you will find the kind of support that is just not available anywhere else in this world of ours. I feel bad for the problems you've had to go through, but, as you read posts from others, you will soon see that your experiences are worse than some, and, not as bad as others.

I welcome you, and I am confident that the forum will become your first place to go to when you need a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to bend. This is a very positive place for anyone suffering from diabetes.

And GREAT BIG KUDO'S for your huge weight loss. That should have been enough to make a change in your numbers. But, if you don't complete the task and lose the rest of the weight, I can see that more than one pill a few times a day in your future. But, 220 lbs is still quite a lot of excess weight to carry on your body. Use the same commitment that brought about the loss of 98 pounds, to drop another 70 to 80. Afterall, you're more than half-way there, and that is a super thing to build on and be proud of.

Also, watch what you eat, Kiddo, that will help those numbers go down over time, too!

You showed tremendous willpower in the initial weight loss, and to finish the work could mean freedom from diabetes.

No one knows for sure, but, that would be a great prize at the end of the weight loss rainbow...

My prayers and thoughts for you,

Pastor Paul
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