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hello there all

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Hi all,i was diagnosed with type 1,had a strange adventure in hospital[nearly signed myself out].It is 4 months now since i was in hospital and i have refused to take any insulin[apidra/levemir],and i manage to keep my reading between 5 and 7.5 with the help of my new best freind,my truetrack strip meter.During the last 4 month i have compiled a list of stuff i can/cannot eat,and i am frequently made angry by eating stuff that is supposed to be ok for me,then discover that it is bad for me.I love my meter.I hope to be able to calm down about the whole subject now i have composed a diet that i shall have to live with for the rest of my life.Strangly,it is a diet i should have been living on in the first place.My motto is,if it has been messed with by proffiteers,dont eat/drink it.
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Hello There: :)

Welcome! I admit I am worried about you right now if you
are a Type 1 Diabetic and are not taking Insulin.

Do you know what your A1c was when you were in the Hospital
or what their first meter check result of your blood sugar was?
How many times a day do you test now?

If indeed you were dxd. correctly and really are a Type 1 Diabetic,
then you are probably going through the Honeymoon Phase. That
is where some of your beta cells are still producing Insulin so you
do not need very much injected Insulin right now.

This phase can last from a few weeks to about 8 months. Actually
there have been some Diabetics who claim that they have been in
the Honeymoon Phase for a couple years(although I haven't seen
this in writing by a Professional). It is probably written somewhere
if it has been documented/observed by Doctors. People with Diabetes
(PWD)seem to react differently from each other on many levels.
You could also be a Type 2 or Type 1.5.

Foods can affect Diabetics differently. Did you know way back in
the 1920's(before Insulin was discovered), a prominant Family had
a Daughter(I don't recall her name at the moment) who had Diabetes.
She ate Very little and exercised often to keep her sugars down.
She was as skinny as a rake(okay that's not the description they
used)because of the lack of Insulin and was at death's door when she
was finally offered her first Insulin injections. Not long after she
started gaining weight and became healthy again.

I agree with you there. The invention of the meter and the
improvements to them is a Life-saver. But unfortunately, you still
have a deadly disease. If you were "cured" then you'd be able to
eat whatever you wanted without the high blood sugars.

I recommend that you go back to your Dr. and start following his
directions which includes injecting Insulin. If you have a needle
phobia, then there is probably some tips or therapy that he can

I wish you Well.
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normal result

thanks terrie,for expressing care about strangers[very rare nowadays].I visited my doc about 3 weeks ago,had the hn1 wotsit[the 3 month average test]and it came back as normal,the doc ordered me to have another one a week later,this came back normal also,and the doc gave me a bit of paper for my auto insurance,so i am mobile again.The doc asked me if i had been taking insulin on the sly,no chance i told him.It seems i have become an oddity at his practice.He tried to have a go at getting me to take insulin tablets,i said if my reading is normal why do i need anything.He then went on to tell me that i ought to take some aspirin .I am now trying to find something natural that i can add to my diet that contains salicylic acid,so`s to thin my blood down abit.Willow bark seems to keep cropping up.
I looked up a bit of stuff in library/internet,about immune system being provoked,and came across stuff about plaque formation in the arteries,it seems eating the wrong fats causes the bodys immune system to attack itself and form plaque.Seeing as my immune system is supposed to be attacking my pancreas,i`m putting this whole thing down to bad ingredients being snook into my food.
Just a thought about non diabetics being able to eat anything,i wonder how long they will remain non diabetics before they too will have to start cutting various things from their diet.
It was on the news in europe a short while back,that the american fda had just passed meat from cloned animals as fit for human consumption,what a place this world has become!
My next bit of tech to buy has to be a radiation counter,so`s when i go to buy seafood[doesn`t affect my number],i can check wether the prawns have been feeding in an area where nuclear waste is/has been dumped.I think i will use the earpiece supplied so`s not to alarm other shoppers,it also bugs me that i have to peel all my fruit/veg because of the toxic to life stuff that has been sprayed on it.With increased vigilance i will remain healthy hopefully.
Thanks again for expressing concern for me.
Oh yea,lol,i just remembered,there was a fella on the telly that had diabetes,he admitted to eating mostly fast food,he was in the vetinary surgery with his dog,his dog was also fed on the same fast food,,,the dog was being treated for diabetes.
bye for now
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Your Welcome. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and we just want
to help People with Diabetes to become aware of all the effects of
this disease and all that is involved with it and to give support/possible
solutions to whoever needs it.

There are no Insulin tablets. Perhaps you mean Metformin or one of
the other oral drugs for mainly Type 2's. Metformin acts by increasing
the sensitivity of liver, muscle, fat, and other tissues, to the uptake
and effects of insulin. These actions lower the level of sugar in the blood.

In some cases, certain chemicals along with too much sugar and salt
are added to packaged foods for the purpose of preserving the foods
from going bad too soon.

Trans fats is a bad one since it supposedly can clog the arteries. This
fat was supposed to be removed from the foods...also MSG but I
wonder if most companies are doing so.

Well, we've been eating genetically modified foods for about 10 years
now and yes now cloned meats are in the supermarkets. None of which
are labelled as such because they know most People wouldn't voluntarily
buy them. I don't eat much meat.
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