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Hello, I don't know for sure if I am diabetic or not. I will find out in two weeks.
I am 47 years old and am married with 7 children. My son has been type 1 for 5 years now. That was such a blow.
Type 2 diabetes is a problem on my dad's side of the family. My grandmother died from complications due to diabetes. 4 of her children were diabetic as well. So I am scared now that I have it as well. I spot checked myself a couple of times recently and it was over 200 both times. When I went to the doctor, he wanted me to check my sugar one time a day for a month and come back to see him. Well, I have been checking it before I eat and 30-45 minutes after I eat. I want to be able to see a pattern. I have had several over 300 and about half of the readings I get are over 200. But then again I had a 38 as well as some other real low ones.

I just got my results earlier. My a1c was 5.2. That seems like it is pretty good. According to my glucometer my blood sugar has been averaging 142 for the last 14 days.

I don't really understand what a1c is and if 5.2 is good or not. I hope someone can help me to understand.
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