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Hi everyone my name is Karen im 28 im a type one been dx for 6 years i was on novorapid and levemir but as of 4 weks ago ive been on an insulin pump which im loving so far its not easy and its hard work but its worth it. im a staff nurse in a hospice love my job so much and im getting married next year. have never really used these sites much until now think i was i a lot of denial about my condition i mentioned starting a family at my last annual review and realised i had better smarten up my ideas where my diabetes is concrned plus its always a bonus to talk to people who have the disease and really do understand what its like and wont mind if you have a bit of a moan or an off day. Cant wait to meet you all
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Hello Karen, welcome to our community! It seems you are taking your diabetes seriously now, that is good to hear. It is very common for diabetics to be in denial in the beginning. Some never accept the fact they are diabetic and they usually have terrible complications before they to have good control. I hope you are healthy and will have very good control in the years ahead. Ask all the questions you want.

I have been Type 1 for 64 years and I am very healthy.With good control we can have long, healthy lives.

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