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1501 Views 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  Nan name is Nan and I'm a type 2 diabetic, LOL. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and didn't really take all that serious. I have the monitor and I'd take my meds, but not like I'm supposed to. I went to a nutritionist, but more ignored her than anything, mostly because I thought, I don't need you, I can do this on my own. I do go and get tested regularly, and one of my last test results came backthat my levels had dropped. The Dr. said this was a good thing. I took that as, hey, I don't have to watch what I'm eatting any more, it's all good. To me I read this as, YEAH I CAN HAVE REGULAR DR. PEPPER AGAIN, this being my biggest weakness. Well, much to my own disappointment, I'm back where I was, but understanding that it's my own fault.

My husband was diagnosed about a year ago as a type 2 diabetic. I hate to admit, but he is better than I when it comes to watching his sugar intake, but does not check his sugar levels either. He's on meds but they make him sick. Meaning it...backs him up. He's an OTR truck driver, so it's not always the easiest thing to find foods that are right for him, but were working on getting him set up with foods that he has on the truck with him that he can fix, but sometimes that means trying to find a microwave and such, when you're out in the middle of nowhere. But were working on it.

My biggest fear is that I have two children and I don't want them to become like their parents. I want to be the good example for them when it comes to their health. I don't want them to experience what I'm going through.

I've been snooping around and already have found some AWESOME advice. I'm making notes and glad that I found you guys. Hope to talk to you all more soon.
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Thanks guys!! I'm sure we're all going to be very close. I have lots of questions, some might be dumb...but now that I've decided to accept the fact that...the old gray mare ain't what she use to be....I want to make sure that I'm doing it right. I only wish I'd taken it this seriously when I was first diagnosed. But, that's in the past and today is a fresh start.
Welcome to the forums, the hardest part of diabetes is you have to find the motivation to do what you are supposed to. For me it's family. At this point I don't have kids but knowing that one day I will and right now I have a wife and 2 cats who need me it makes me think I need to do everything I can to make myself healthy and happy so I can in turn watch over and take care of my family.

We all have weaknesses when it comes to special foods I know personally I love a good Cheeseburger. The best way to approach that is to make it even more special. Plan it into you life. allow yourself to have one at a certain time each week or something. Maybe switch to diet Dr. Pepper generally and once a week have a real one. Make it a reward for a week well done or something.

Feel free to lean on all of us with any question, or encouragement you need.
Thanks for the suggestion. I do drink diet DP, but I guess it's like a good cheeseburger....there's nothing like the real thing. I like the idea of maybe one a week.

It is hard, but I know that I have tons of support from family and friends and I hope to one day not have any of the symptoms and to be able to be "normal" again...whatever that is!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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