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My name is Terri. I play BackGammon on line and go by the nic as "STRIKER" BG Tournaments are my speciality.
I was Dx in April of 07' I had been very sick for a long time. My Endo. thinks I have been an UnDx. Diabetic for probably several years. I went to the ER with A A1C of 19.4 and a BGS of over 1000. I spent a week in ICU then ani=other week in the Hospital. After a month and a half of working real hard to get my numbers down. I had my 3 month A1C drawn in July. It was 7.1
I keep very tight control with my numbers, and was told upon Dx. that I could have anything I wanted to eat as long as it was portioned right. I don't deny myself any foods I love...Its all about portion sizes for me. And always in the back of my mind also carbs...But so far I have been able to keep my BGS 90-120.
have literally came from being a 'walking corpse to living again' ...It can be done!
I am on Levemir~Novolog~Byetta~Metformin
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