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My name is Terri. I play BackGammon on line and go by the nic as "STRIKER" BG Tournaments are my speciality.
I was Dx in April of 07' I had been very sick for a long time. My Endo. thinks I have been an UnDx. Diabetic for probably several years. I went to the ER with A A1C of 19.4 and a BGS of over 1000. I spent a week in ICU then ani=other week in the Hospital. After a month and a half of working real hard to get my numbers down. I had my 3 month A1C drawn in July. It was 7.1
I keep very tight control with my numbers, and was told upon Dx. that I could have anything I wanted to eat as long as it was portioned right. I don't deny myself any foods I love...Its all about portion sizes for me. And always in the back of my mind also carbs...But so far I have been able to keep my BGS 90-120.
have literally came from being a 'walking corpse to living again' ...It can be done!
I am on Levemir~Novolog~Byetta~Metformin
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Welcome i am Martina from BC Canada, i am Type 2 Diabetes
I go by Shoshana and have been on insulin for over 30 years. I am on a Medtronic pump too and a new member of this forum. If portion size seems to help a lot as you indicate then at least that is one tool that works for you! I have found that some herbs help as well, such as berberine and goat's rue(from which I heard & or read metformin was derived). I think that these plants or herbs-others too, are a good alternative for helping and reducing the problems that can come from diabetic drugs and can work as a substitute for some of them. Of course, everyone has their unique physiology-my personal opinion.
Hello, Shoshana! Welcome to our site!

We've had a few posters here try berberine successfully. You're right in that everyone -- particularly diabetics -- has their own unique physiology. I think figuring out what works best for ourselves is one of the biggest challenges of managing diabetes.

I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you. At 30 years on insulin I'm sure you have many experiences to share.
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