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Btw how do I put my location under my username?

Hi Emmie: :)

Nice to see you here.

In regards to your location: On the main page.

1. Go to the top, left corner. Click on Usercp.
2. On the left side, click on Edit Details.
3. Go waaaaaay down to the bottom of the Additional Information Form, there is a line for location.

Welcome Aboard!

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Hi, I'm Emmie. I don't have Diabetes but I think my husband may have it.
Just wanted to introduce myself but will post elsewhere about my concerns.
Hi Emmie,
Welcome to the community. I was going to recommend posting more details in the symptoms section - but I see you have already done this. :)

I'm sure some members will be along soon and post some advice based on their experiences.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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