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unemployed for 7 years
6 foot 1, 195 lbs

hey all,

not sure i have diabetes but i know something is not quite right with me. also i have tried to read about diabetes on the internet and it is confusing and in some cases contradictory. the fact that i have had major depression for at least 15 years doesn't help my situation any.

The deal with me. I see a psychiatrist 4 times a year to get my meds, currently generic wellbutrin EX 300mg and generic Zoloft 100mg per day. Also i have had high cholesterol and triglycerides for years. currently take generic pravachol 40mg/day. this keeps my total cholesterol just under 200 but my good cholesterol HDL is always a bit low, under 40, like 35-37. triglycerides are always sky high like 300+.

what brought me here:
lately my fatigue has reached extreme levels. i rarely get out of bed or leave the house. also horrible constipation to the point of impaction on at least 3 occasions alternating with diarrhea. i do not take care of myself and my gums bleed regularly. i have always been prone to yeast infections (yea i am a guy) but lately its worse. today i noticed my vision is blurred which prompted an internet search which led me here.

probably too much info but there it is

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ok, i looked around this site and i don't see an appropriate place to post what i would like to. what i want to ask is:

besides going to a doctor what is the first thing you would do if you suspected you had diabetes?

exercise like walking?

i found contradictory info about diet on the web and apparently there is no proof that low carb diets work unless you stay below some impossible number like below 20g carbo's per day.

whole grains are carbs, anything high in fiber are carbs, i need fiber for constipation

from what i see recommended is:
1. exercise
2. "good" diet - still not sure what "good" means
3. lose weight, but i am not overweight

6 foot 1 and 195 lbs, i have dieted before for cholesterol and got to 170lbs. i looked like a chicken, my gf couldn't stand it and i looked sickly. also it actually caused my triglycerides to increase but my total cholesterol to go down.

what i need is diabetes for dumbies except that costs money

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Cham, unfortunately you really need to see a doctor and get some blood work done to confirm whether you have diabetes or not. We can't guess on a diet for you for a disease we're not sure if you have or not. I know it is pricey and when you are struggling with depression it is a chore to go, but you really need to see a doctor. There can be some severe repercussions if you do have diabetes and it is left out of control. Please, go see a doctor.

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Hi Cham, Welcome to our friendly forum.

You do need to ask your doctor to be tested for Diabetes. That is the only sure way to find out.

Triglycerides are in your meat. To get it down, eat only meat once a day. Another helper: take the skin off of your chicken. The skin has most of the cholesterol and triglycerides. With meat, like steak etc., only eat lean meat. If it is marbled with white, that is bad for you. Fish is good. Drink only non fat milk.

Look at the box, jar or bottle to see how many carbohydrates and cholesterol are in it. Margarine or butter is not good for you. I only have about 2 tablespoons at dinner time.

You need to exercise whether you have Diabetes or not. During bad weather, do indoor exercises. I have DVD exercises. One half hour is all right. It will help your depression and tiredness too. I get depressed a lot from my medicines for epilepsy.

Exercise at least one half hour a day. Walking is good.

Staying in bed a lot or being a couch potato will cause constipation. You need to talk to your doctor about the alternating.

This is basic health. Talk to your doctor and ask to be tested.

I get rid of my yeast and urinary infectiions by eating a few cranberries every other day. Cranberry juice, you need only half a cup every other day.

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