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There have been a few mentions of depression and feeling down around here. Personally I'm feeling so upbeat and cheerful it's disgusting. I'm practically a smilie addict in my posting and it is not because things like health, the job or the house are going well. (problems with all 3 right now)

The main reason is a speaker I've enjoyed listening to since '74. I'm not trying to say you will have the same appreciation. It is extremely individual and I've seen it vary a lot from person to person. It is just possible a few people will enjoy the talks too, and they can make such a nice difference.

Videos of his talks (and at least 1 audio) are available online without charge at Words of Peace Global. The live events that the videos come from are also free. They are paid for by donations from people who think they are worthwhile.

And he isn't just talk. He has a gift that he calls knowledge, or knowledge of the self, that he shows people when they have watched enough of the talks that they are a bit clear on the direction it goes, and if they want it.

Most people have never heard of him. He does not seek publicity but really prefers to do things quietly. Just as an assurance about his credibility and presence in this world, the UN site will be playing one of his videos at Show time for it is Monday, September 20, 3:30 AM PDT; 11:30 AM GMT. There was a viewing for the NA time zone today but I missed getting this post up in time.

For most people it probably takes a few talks before they begin to appreciate how much he has to offer so I don't expect a lot of fast feedback, but certainly don't want to discourage it. There are tons of details but just listening tends to sort out any questions.

Before I lend out one of my precious DVDs of his talks, I like to show people a quote from him. It gets a wide range of reactions, mostly positive, but not all. It seems like a good indication of whether or not a person should even take the time to check it out.

"Within you is the most amazing feeling you can possibly imagine. All that you look for, all that you have looked for all your life has always been right inside of you. When you can look inside, you will find the joy that you have always desired. This is a gift that you have and I can show you a way to get in touch with it." Prem Rawat

Just in case it might make a difference. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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