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Help please for a Newcomer

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Hi all,
I am starting a new thread, as adviced, in order to get maximum feedback.
New here and new to Diabetes type 2, diagnosed two weeks ago. I have been desperately trying to keep the BG under control and I dont think I have quite got the hang of it yet. So any help from you experienced people will help me. My fasting has for some time been at 14 mmol/L [which I think equates to 252 mg/dL]. Yesterday, I decided to take 1 Metformin in the morning with Amaryl 4 mg (glimepride). Blood sugars came down beautifully by 1400 hrs to 8 mmol/L (144) and then slowly started creeping up to 14 (252) by bedtime. I took 2 more Metformin at night and was hoping that my FBG will be normal. But it was 12 this morning (216). I am a bit confused by all this. Nothing so far is succeeding. I have oatmeal porridge for breakfast, a zero-carb high protein lunch and a high protein dinner. I do drink plenty of coffee. And yes, I do aerobic exercise [Lateral Thigh trainer] for half hour every day.
Should I be going on to Insulin? Should I be trying health food supplements? (I do take Omega-3 1000 mg every day) I wonder.
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fair warning

Glimepride is yet another stressor of the pancreas and some people feel that it would be better to use some insulin instead to give your pancreas a rest and not burn out your beta cells.

Generic Name : Glimepride

Pronunciation : GLYE-me-pye-ride

TradeName : Amaryl, Azulix, betaglim, daoryl, Dialgim, Diapride, Emperide, Euglim, Gepride, Glifix, Glimcom, Glimer, Glimestar, Glimetop, Glimiprex, Glimpid, Glimpil, Glimulin, Glimiz, Gly, Glypride.

Why it is prescribed (Indications) : it is a potent sulphonyl urea with a strong stimulates the insulin secreation from pancreatic
beta cells.

Read more: Glimepride Glimepride

Thanks for all the very useful advice I have had over the last few days. It has made a great difference to me. For the last two days, my BG has been in the target range - fasting and post prandial. I went to a party this evening and the host gave me the 'usual' which was some neat scotch. I refused, but he said, 'Ah dont worry, I am also on Metformin [three a day]'. I therefore had one measure, which led on to another one as the party rolled on. I only had proteinaceous food like Kebabs, chicken, fish. No carbs. I came home and quickly ate a Chocolate chip muffin to enhance the carb as I was told that alcohol can drop the glucose. The BG now an hour later is only 7.0 mmol/L [126], which is fantastic. I met my diabetologist at the party and he told me to add on Amaryl [Glymepride 4 mg] tomorrow along with my regular Metformin 1000 mg twice a day.
I think, thanks to all of you, I am getting to grips with this Diabetes. By the way, I think Cinnamon is great stuff. I am consuming a teaspoon of crushed cinnamon with breakfast.
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