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Well, I gotta say your docs are doing a really lame job with patient care. The laughing part is a particularly poor response. Perhaps from now on, whenever changes are being made, you'll have to plant yourself in the exam room & refuse to leave until someone fully explains all the possibilities. There's enough history here to warrant that kind of persistence.

Have you been prescribed any meds for arrhythmia? There are many kinds (of arrhythmia) and some are nothing more than annoying - no treatment is necessary. Others can be life-threatening. If yours has gone on for three years and your docs know about it but it doesn't require treatment, then they need to SAY SO. So ask them the next time you get a chance. And by the way - if your feet/legs ever swell up & they tell you to wait two more weeks until your regular appointment? Knock their damn door down!

I don't use insulin, so I don't very often respond to insulin questions and I haven't even seen the Lantus ad. But I do know that Lantus (basal - long acting insulin) is often used alone, but it can also be used with bolus (fast acting) insulin like your Novalog. Perhaps the ad just cautions against using Lantus with any other long-acting insulins.

Others here are much more qualified to help here than I, and they'll come along soon.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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