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I recently saw my Endo because I had the following symptoms:

- Serum blood tests showing blood sugars < 3 after eating a meal
- Increased thirst
- Increased urination and on occasion, loss of bladder at night (embarrasing to say, but it happened 3 times in the last 6 months)
- Family history of diabetes (type 2)
- Diagnosed with Celiacs Disease a few months ago

He did a lot of blood work and a CT scan and I finally got the blood results faxed to me, here are the numbers:

Insulin - fasting : 23 PMOL/L (Ref range 30-175) <-- LOW
C-PEPTIDE : 186 PMOL/L (Ref range 298-2350) <--LOW
Glucose - fasting: 4.8 MMOL/L (Ref range 3-6)
Total Bilirubin : 18 UMOL/L (Ref range 0-23)
Cortisol AM : 374 NMOL/L (ref range 100-500)
LH Serum : 2.2 IU/L (Ref range 1 -8.8)
FSH Serum : 4.4 IU/L (Ref range 1.0 - 13.6)
Free Testosterone: 65 (Ref range 16 - 146)

My normal range for fasting blood sugar (8-12hr fast) has always been around 4. My random blood sugars have been where I had issues at times. 4.8 is the highest fasting blood sugar I've had to date, which surprised me after a 16 hr fast. The receptionist asks my endo and he said he wasn't alarmed and nothing needs to be done at this time. My GP disagrees as she wants further testing to ensure the low levels are not a warning sign of type 1 or other things to come. His response was that my BG is still normal, so it doesn't show anything at this time.

It seems weird to me to have such a low Insulin and C-peptide with a BG that is on the higher side as per my normal. Kind of disappointed the endo didn't at least explain to me why it was happening like that, just seemed to only want me to ignore it. With all my symptoms, I just don't want to ignore it. I want a GAD & GTT test, but I don't see him again for 3 months. Can my family doctor do this? Any insight is appreciated.

My bilirubin concerns me as it was always low until recently. My Liver enzymes are ok, but the Endo said my spleen is enlarged. He ordered a ultrasound of my spleen...but it has been 2 weeks and still no date set. Starting to wish I had a new Endo, but it will take months to do that as well. :-(


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There's no reason that I know of why your family doc couldn't order the tests you need, and he seems to be the one interested in getting to the bottom of this. My PCP does all of these things & he's a family practitioner; I don't have any specialists to consult, except for ophthalmology. If I were you, I'd be inclined to work with your GP, since he seems willing to work with you. Keep us posted, okay?
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