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my alternate doctor told me to stop metformin because my eGFR was down to 53 ( bad kidneys). when i did i had to double my basal and lost any metabolic control of my blood sugar and of course my liver dumps went wild.
but my insulin sensitivity was 5 mg/dl/IU without metformin and 10 mg/dl/IU with metformin so it was doubling my insulin sensitivity. i have now gone back to metformin but using 500 mg a day instead of 1000 mg a day. i'm still working on it.


Because of an increase in creatinine, my doctor took me off metformin (500mg twice daily). This means I'll have Lantus and Novovlog to control my BS.

What can I expect, as to keeping my tight control (A1c 5.7)? Will I have to adjust my Novolog to make up for the loss of Metformin?

If anyone else has gone through this change in medications, I'd appreciate any information, suggestion, feedback and advice on how much of a difference this will make in controlling my BS.

Thanks for any assistance and personal experiences you may have already gone through. :)

Pastor Paul
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