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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and I'm desperate for help. I care for a 7 year old child who has type 1 diabetes. Her mother controls her insulin and provides her breakfast, lunch and snacks while at my place. Her mother gives her a needle in the morning with 2 different insulins (L&N) which are to cover her for the day.

On a usual day she will start off anywhere from 3 to 20 at 7:00 am. Breakfast provided by mom is generally fruit loops, sugar crisp or frosted flakes (insane, I know). By 10:30 her number is generally around 20 or higher. Snack is often cheese crackers, juice and applesauce or sometimes fruit snacks. By lunchtime I test her she will often be anywhere from 10 - 28. Lunch is often either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a pizza pop. By the afternoon she is sometimes nearing a reasonable reading of 10, but sometimes as high at 25.

Yesterday she was 28 at 10:30, 25 at lunch and 17 at 2:30. I called mom at work, but she said she couldn't get away.

I know that this is not good, but I guess I need concrete information about her food choices. When I suggested that fruit loops might not be a good choice for her, her mom said "oh, they are actually fine for diabetics". I asked if PB&J was ok, and she said she uses special sugar free jam and peanut butter.

Yesterday, an uncle was visiting who also has diabetes. He said to me "have you contact child and family services and reporter her for neglect?".

So, my question is this:

Is Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes or Corn Pops an "OK" choice for a diabetic?

Is a pizza pop or a PB&J sandwich ok?

Should I report her considering this has been ongoing for about 3 years (to my knowledge, 3 years, likely longer)?

If her mother doesn't smarten up, could she end up in kidney failure?

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It is true that these food choices are safe provided that enough fast acting insulin is used to compensate for them. It seems that her mother does not know about "carb counting". I need 1 unit of insulin for every 6 carbs I eat. Other diabetics might need i unit for every 15 carbs, of every 30 carbs. It varies from one diabetic to another. Carb counting is very importane for good control. Her control is very poor and if she continues to run high blood sugar like this for a long period of time then the possible side effects include kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage. etc.

I never eat cereal and I rarely eat pizza. The only pop I drink is sugar free. The bread I eat has only 8 carbs per slice. I follow a low carb diet so I will not need a lot of insulin and I exercise every day. If I did not do these things i would have developed terrible complications and would not be alive after 64 years of Type 1 diabetes. This mother obviously knows very little about diabetes and she is putting her daughter's life in danger.
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