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Hello to all,

My name is Blake Mitchell. I'm a professional wrestler from South Australia.

At 21 years of age I've had type 1 diabetes for 5 years and it sucks. :)

When I was diagnosed it was a 'lucky to be alive story' actually.

I had no energy for weeks and for my entire life I NEVER needed to go to the bathroom during my sleep, but I found I was attending the bathroom at least 4 times a night.

I eventually felt horrible and like I could faint, so I went to my local doctor with my father. He used a BSL machine and assumed it was broken due to the high level showing. He took a blood test and sent me on my way.

I went to my grandmothers for a large dinner and took down many glasses of very sugar coated orange juice. Once we got home I was headed straight to bed, half way up the stairs my father checked the phone and my doctor had called and ordered I go straight to the hospital as if I go to bed I may not wake up.

Once I got to the hospital, they tested my sugar again and it was 53.9 I kid you not. The nurses and staff couldn't believe I was still standing and conscious.

I was told back then that anything over 32 and you should be in a coma, over 50, more than likely dead.

So, I'm lucky to be here....

I will be surfing around, hoping to hear of updates about cures and what not, but feel free to contact me.


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Hello Blake:

Good to meet you. Welcome! I'm Glad that you can say, Diabetes sucks, with a smile. :)

You're a Professional Wrestler? Great! I can, to a much lower degree relate to that sport. I started wrestling "unofficially" with Friends and Family when I was about 8 and only quit a few years ago. My Daughter entered the wrestling team(light-weight) and won a nice amount of Gold, Silver and 1 Bronze medals. Wrestling is a Good sport to gain muscle, endurance and discipline....and medals. :D

I believe your number of 53.9mmol/l(970mg/dl). It's unfortunate that your Dr. sent you home with a high number but I'm Happy to hear that he phoned you back and told you to go to the Hospital so that you could receive the required treatment. It could have been so much worse, as you know.

Blake said:
I was told back then that anything over 32 and you should be in a coma, over 50, more than likely dead.
That is not quite true. There is a noticeable range of glucose levels which will affect Diabetics differently. Some Diabetics can tolerate higher blood sugar levels. Some Diabetics have a low tolerance to sugar, some have a moderate tolerance. This may change as the Person ages. I know this to be true.

Although being in a coma from high blood sugars can certainly kill a Diabetic, the process of getting there is far worse as you were experiencing although you didn't get to the vomiting stage...unless you just left that out. We definitely do not want anyone going through this. That's another reason why testing is so important.

(I will be applying a sticky for a mmol/l-mg/dl converter somewhere on the Forum so People can understand the comparison of sugar levels in other countries).

Again Welcome, take care and hope to see you around. :)
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