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My thoughts...

Hi there Jeremiah,
I also agree with you that maybe waiting before you go ahead and have this surgery as high blood sugars can cause many problems for you, infection would be the mai problem and also the healing process.
Your surgeon may think that when you are admitted to hospital to have this surgery that the health team will put you on an IV sliding scale insulin drip so they would control you sugar levels but this obviously will only be for a short time and if you are having difficulties in your control then these problems will arise.
I have been a Type1 diabetic for 31years and have had many surgeries over the years.
I hope I have been of some help? I wish you well in whatever you choose.
Keep in [email protected]If you do contact me directly then put diabetes in the subject bar or something that will make me take notice and not delete as spam :spider::spider::spider:
Take care
My orthopedic surgeon wants me to have sugery on my knees because of my osteoartheritis.I dont feel its a good idea because my blood sugars are out of control yet he insist its okay.Any other thoughts?:eyebrows:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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