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Hi! I don't post things on many sites but I have been having trouble controlling my glucose levels. I came across this site and everyone seems so supportive and nice, so I thought this couldn't hurt. Let me introduce myself. I've been a diabetic for 14+ years and have never had real control over this disease. I actually took it as a joke when I was first diagnosed. I was a kid and young and didn't realize how serious this disease really is. I now work extremly close with an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a chronic disease manager (or diabetes educator), a therapist, and many other medical professionals to control or help control my diabetes. The one problem I have had in the past (and still do) is giving myself insulin at mealtimes. I either forget or get too lazy. I'm also afraid that I'm going to bottom out. The hypoglycemia I suffer is absolutely terrible. When I correct those lows I always overcorrect, so my numbers swing super high. Then it is a catch up game the rest of the day. I currently take Humalog, with meals and for correcting. I also take U-500 (Humalin) insulin three times a day. I take no other diabetes medications. I test about six to eight times a day to gain better control of my diabetes. I have a horrible diet, I drink regular soda, which I'm trying to cut out of my everyday diet. I eat chips and junk food. I do love cooking however and do so whenever I can. But I do not follow a diabetic diet or make very good food choices. I do eat lower carb foods and lower fat foods and try to incorporate these into the meals I make. I do have a problem with making food in my house - my partner is not a diabetic and is a picky eater. A lot of my food decisions are based on what is brought home from the store and the meals we try to plan for the next few days. I try to accommodate the different tastes instead of my needs. I don't mind but my diabetes is suffering because of that decision. So my goals are to get better control of my diabetes and to eat better and lose some weight. Does anyone have any advice for any of these topics, particularly remembering insulin at mealtimes, tricking the picky eater and cooking better? Thank you!
Hello and :welcome:! Come on in and sit down and get comfortable :couch2:. I am glad that you decided to join, it does sound like you need some help and hopefully we can give you some ideas and suggestions. First of all, GET RID OF THE REGULAR SODA! You are probably taking a ton of insulin just to cover that and it can keep your blood sugars high for hours. I do keep regular soda on hand for hypos. But I had to part friends with Pepsi years ago. As far as your partner being a picky eater, try and make some type of meat at meal times and then you can fix the rest of your meal and your partner can eat what they want. Can you get your partner on board with proteins such as meats, cheeses & eggs? How about sour cream, mayo and butter and those type of foods? Those will not spike your blood sugar. About not taking your insulin at mealtimes? If you are afraid of going hypo, take your insulin AFTER you eat. If your insulin to carb ratio is correct then you shouldn't have issues. If you are taking a large amounts of insulin, start eating more meals and splitting your doses of insulin, the less insulin, the less likely you are to getting a hypo. I just started using almond flour, it is low in carbs and it is tasty. Start looking around for some ways to incorporate almond flour into your recipes. Check out out diet section and you will find a few recipes using almond flour. I hope that you have time to visit often and take care.
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