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My name is Melissa Loyd.13 years ago I was in the Baylor Hospital at Dallas Tx for an month because I have ITP the blood dis.The doctors took my spleen out.The doctors gave 300 mg of pred through the IV's.Even though I have no spleen at all it still makes my right cheek turn red and burning feeling and my ear.Six months after I got out from the Baylor Hospital I came down colitis that was in 96.In 2001 came down with type two diabetes.So I have ITP,colitis,and type diabetes.I got use to my three dis.
I am taking Metformin,Starlix,Byetta,now I am taking Glipizide ER 5 mg.And it is working too.
When I came down with ITP I was 22 now I am 34.I am from Tx.
Melissa Loyd
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