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Hello Arthur and welcome to the forum. I'm a new boy on the block being caught only in August last year with a fasting blood sugar of 22 mmol/L and an HbA1c of 8.2%. Trigger? A massive E-Coli infection which tripped me into DKA.

I've learned my lesson. I've (with the help of my wife) killed off my sweet tooth. No sugar and no artificial sweeteners either. The first week or two is difficult but with a choice of killing myself or my sweet tooth - what would you go for?

Losing weight? - Try cutting your carbs in half - which is basically again what I did. I lost roughly 1 lb per week between August and February. From a modestly overweight 13 stone down to slightly under 11 stone on a diet that never went below 1800 calories per day.

My HbA1c is now 5% and my average fasting is around 4.6.

You've found two great resources:

  • This forum - they are a really friendly knowledgeable bunch who have been through it all. You have a question - they will have the answer! :)
  • A great site to look at Blood Sugar 101. Jenny Ruhl, the author is diabetic and gives some excellent information on the issues in a non technical way without oversimplification.
Welcome again. John
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