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Hi from the South, Mississippi

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Hi my name is Mary and I am 58. I have been a diabetic, Type 1, for 25 yrs. I'm in a wheelchair and have been in it since Nov. 1 1999. Thought It was because of my diabetes. That is what my Doctors kept telling me, but found out in 2005, by a new Doctor, that I have Progressive Cerebella Ataxia,Which is affecting the nerves and muscles in my body and affecting my speech. I've had 3 heart attacks, 1 in 1997, 2nd in 1998 and 3rd in Aug 2007 followed by triple-by-pass surgery. When I am not sick or worring about my health, I am enjoying my grandchildren(6 of them ages16,15, and14, 2 girls and a boy, 3yrs,1yr.,and 3months 2 boys and a girl.) I love to s ew and quilt when I am not on the computer. I have a lot of things wrong with me, some I didn't even mention but i haven't let it slow me down to much, and I think God I am Alive. I hope to make some new friends and learn from and help people with Diabetes in this forum.
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Hello and Welcome Aboard Maryel! It's Nice to meet you.
Wow, you sure have been through a lot, eh? Sorry to hear
that. Darn diseases, they seem endless. I hadn't heard of
Cerebellar Ataxia. So you taught me something new already
(cool). :) I read that a full recovery usually takes place in a
couple months. Is that your understanding? I sure hope
that is true for you and I'm Happy that you are still going
strong. Good for you.

This Forum is just new but growing. I'd be Happy to be your
Friend, if you like. I've met Friends from a lot of places also
but none from Mississippi. You are certainly welcome to help
out here also if you have the time. Richard is new here too
and he has helped quite a bit already and has brought up some
interesting threads/posts thankfully. So just dive in. :) It is

You are lucky to have GrandKids. My Son and DIL just got
married last yr. and are going to be fostering a baby in January
or February. My Daughter is still in dating mode. ;) Oh well,
lots of time. Have Fun with yours. Again Welcome!

Sorry, my mistake. I didn't notice you have been in the wheel
chaiir since 1999. I must have read some inaccurate info about
Cerebellar Ataxia.
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Welcome, sorry to hear about your DX, i was DX three years ago with Type 2 Diabetes and i am on MEtformin and diamoin(sp), if you need assistance please let me know thanks
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