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Hi all,
Well first let me say that I am happy to have found this forum! I was diagnosed with TypeII some three years ago now. I have not really conformed to what my drs told me to do with this disease and now I feel that I really need to buckle down and abide by what my drs tell me. I was put on Glipizide 10mg for about a year which seemed to work just fine. I have now gotten health insurance(didn't have it for a number of years) and also a new doctor. She ordered an A1C and the results were high she said. She did not however tell me what the numbers were. I was put on Metformin 1000mg.X2 which she told me to start out with slowly. I take 1/2 a pill in the am and the other half after dinner. She said to slowly increase to the total dosage once my body adjusts to this new med. I am finding that with just the smaller dosage, I get lightheaded after about two hours of taking the pill. But then I am fine. I am also taking BP med, Zestril 10mg. and Lipitor 10mg. On top of all of this I also have an ileostomy due to severe ulcerative colitis which I have had for 26 yrs now. It was my life safer. I suffered through the pain and agony of UC for a couple of years after the birth of my only child. It got to the point where I could no longer function, literally. I was near death my doctor told me, and was brought in for emergency exploratory surgery. In the OR my large colon perforated on the operating table it was so diseased. I was given a temporary colostomy, and after a month of bedrest, I had my permanent ileostomy performed. The road was long and very difficult for me. I ended up getting a divorce(my then husband didn't find me desireable with a bag) so I picked myself up, and raised my only child alone. If it weren't for my wonderful parents who helped me out in so many ways, I don't know where I would be today. I was hospitalized for a total of three months ICU. I had complications from surgery, a blood clot on the lung, one in the leg and ended up getting a staph infection in my incision. So as you can see I have been through the wringer! I am now onto the later stage of my life and feel that it is time to take better care of myself. With this diabetes diagnosis, I know in my heart that I really need to conform to taking care. My only son, Matthew, is my rock in this world. I thank God daily for bringing him into my life. He is now 29years old but he is still my "baby boy". I will post often and hope that this forum gives me alot of the information that I seek in controlling this new diagnosis.

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