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Hi there

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Hi there, well, I'm Karen aged 34 and have had diabetes type 1 for 12 years now. I also found out in the past year that I have an auto-immune disorder that has me suffering from Chronic Immune Demyalating Polyneuropathy. I have also had complications with my eyes resulting in extensive laser treatments and injections. In the past I admit that I have not looked after my diabetes, but over the past year I have been very strict and my sugar levels have been erratic. Can't seem to overcome this. I currently take around 10 units of Apidra at meal times and 16 units in the morning and bedtime of Levimer daily. I can eat the same meals, take the same amount of insulin and have a high sugar reading one time and a low reading another time. A real dilemma, don't know what to do!
Anyway, glad to have joined the forum, good to communicate to others with a common problem.
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Welcome Karen! So happy to meet you - I hope you'll stay with us & we can get better acquainted.
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