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A little about last A1C in June was 5.7 with an FBS of 109. That was the first time my A1C had been in prediabetic range, though my FBS has dipped in and out over the years. My doctor didn't want me to worry too much as I was only .1 in prediabetes range. He told me the standard stuff, watch diet, exercise, lose a bit of weight. I had started exercising prior to June, actually, so I've been exercising consistently for more than a year but upped the intensity and have, since June, been making changes to my diet to include, most days, a pretty large reduction in carbs and sugar from what I used to consume. This does not mean I gave up the sugar/carbs, just that I reduced them. I lost an additional 12 lbs and really don't need to lose any more than that.

A few months ago, on my own, I purchased a glucose monitor so that I could start testing my FBS daily and that helped me to reduce my sugar/carb intake even more, the monitor sort of spurring me on to see what kind of FBS' I could get by eating differently.

Anyway, then the holidays came and I had some days where I just ate whatever I wanted. And this is what has led me to this forum. It's left me confused. Some of these indulgences seem to have resulted in days long, high FBS readings. I have searched and searched the internet about this and most everything I have read is from some medical journal that says that blood sugar will lower 12-24 hours after eating high carb meals. This is not my experience (and I am not checking sugar before/after all meals, just once in the morning upon waking) and it's kind of freaking me out wondering if, despite all the work I've done, I'm now in diabetic territory. I did not indulge and then just keep indulging for a week or two or the entire month. I had a day where I ate what I wanted, even exercised vigorously, drank a bunch of water that same day - all the things they tell you to do when you have a bad day or meal - and then the next day I got right back on the wagon, low carb/sugar, exercise, water. So, to have high FBS in the 125-130 range for the next few days seems odd. I'm starting to wonder if some of the advice I've seen - like going for a walk after eating a high carb meal to reduce FBS - does anything for me. I didn't just walk...I did an hour of pretty sweaty cycling immediately afterwards, then the next day ate very cleanly, continued my exercise regimen and two days later my FBS is still high.

Sorry for the long story but I wanted to give a clear idea of where I am at and what I have tried. Understanding, after doing all the reading I've done on this subject that nothing about diabetes is "normal" and that it is a confusing and unpredictable disease, do others of you experience this?
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Hello and welcome! You are not alone!
I've found that just one slip-up shows on my meter for days--especially my morning numbers. As for other diabetics, they are all different and some are happy with their higher numbers. One of my friends was selling a meal replacement powder and he was so proud of his numbers on it. He said it was the only way he got his blood sugar below 200!!!
Glad you're here and hope you stick around and keep posting!
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I don't test before/after meals very often. I usually test mornings and usually one more time during the day. I rarely test more than twice a day. I do find that mornings are the highest numbers of the day. Afternoon/evening numbers are lower unless I've eaten a higher carb meal or let my husband talk me into going to a buffet!
I've found that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to my numbers.
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