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Both my husband and I are diabetic, but we treat it very differently. I was just a little overweight at dx , 4 years ago around 148. Now I am 120 but still diabetic. It doesn't ever go away but we can manage it. I never go hungry and I don't diet. I have changed my lifestyle, though. I avoid most foods with more than 10 carbs. I probably eat around 1800-2200 calories most days. If I am hungry I eat something low carb. I eat meat, fish, cheese, real butter and real fat. I also do low carb baking so I always have cookies, snacks, muffins and low carb breads around. I do think most of us are addicted to the carbs we ate pre diabetic. Once you cut your dependence on carbs it gets so much easier. It does take willpower and I think we all have fallen off the wagon. The best thing is to just start all over again and take it day by day.
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