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Ok so my husband is also on this site. He says you all are expecting me so... here I am. I had Type 2 diabetes 5 years ago and lost a ton of weight, engaged in a very vigorous excercise regimine, and counted every serving of everything I ate. One of my friends saw me counting my crackers and thought I had lost my mind. I was cured of my diabetes in a year and three months with a final weight of 135. My daughter totally blew chunks at the beginning of this year causing monumental stress and I just really didn't care what I was eating and was so TIRED of going to bed hungry every night and watching every bite so I wouldn't gain a pound. So now my diabetes is back with a vengence, ok maybe not that bad, but It is bad enough to be back on a severe diet and Metformin. so carbs are totally not my friend, however I refuse to stop living and stop enjoying the things I enjoy eating for diet food. I told my husband and doctor already, if it doesn't taste like food, I won't eat it so 'diet' food that tastes like food is hard to find and that is actually good for you.

Well, that's me so I will see y'all in the trenches.

Welcome to the forum. I'm on the other side of the combination - I'm diabetic, the wife isn't. I was diagnosed this time last year and when I got home the boss had already decided that I was going "reduced carb".

I now eat MORE in calorie terms than I used to - daily average is around 2,200 and in the period August to January I lost 14 kg (call that 30lbs) dropping from 183 lbs to 152 lbs where I'm stable. Hungry? I'm not.

Ok, once in a while I look with longing at things like Pain au Raisin - a French breakfast bun with lots of raisins that I loved - now forbidden fruit but as Shanny said, there's lots of options to keep the food interesting and tasty and I'd rather stay with my 5% HbA1c that the 8.2% I started with.

Here you'll find lots of advice and support - please ask away, someone will have an idea you can use. Diabetes is something to be managed - but it's an individual's game. What works for me may not be a runner for you - but the concepts work.

Glad you joined us.

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