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Hi my name is Barbara I have had diabetes for over 25 years probly longer than that as I had gestational diabetes with my last child 35 years ago, but was not iagnosed until much later.I am a retired RN married and have 4 children and 14 grandchildren and 2 greatgrand daughters.I use an insulin pump with pretty good control. Like many of you I sometimes have a problem with food eating too much of the wrong stuff. :)
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Welcome to the group. I am glad you decided to join us. I am a type2 diabetic and diagonosed in March 2007. So you have much more experience than I do. I'm sure you can bring a lot of knowledge to us. I have one granddaughter.......aren't grandchildren great? :D
My gracious Barbara, you remind me of the lady in the nursery rime. let's see now, how did it go?.......There was a lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many children and grandchildren she did not know what to do....Oh well, it was something like that. Lol!

I have been diabetic for 63 years and I am doing very well. I am pumping too.

Welcome to our community!

Thank you all for the welcome.I have a question about travel with the pump is it a big problem and how do you keep your bs in control when traveling. thanks for your help.
I think it depends on what your control at home is like. I typically have a couple lows each day between 65 and 80. They don't always occur at the same time of day. I don't want that to happen when traveling so I use a temporary basal on my pump. I set my basal 20% lower than normal while traveling but I still bolus as usual at meal time or snacking. I start that temp basal a few hours before starting the trip. That usually causes me to have tests above 100 instead of below 100. At dinner time I set my basal back to normal so I won't run high in the evening or while sleeping.
Thanks Richard i have only been using a pump for a llittle over a year and like you have a few lows my dr says that i am not doing something right i'm not sure what but i can say my sugarsin are much better control than before.
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