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Homeopathic treatments

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Does anyone have any experience with natural treatments for diabetes? I have heard alot about cinnamon and wondered if anyone has tried it and had any success. I'm also interested in other homeopathic remedies that may be recommended or contraindicated.

Just to clarify, I just want to share information and am not recommending or asking for recommendations without talking to a doctor first, just to be safe.

Does anyone here use homeopathic medicine?
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If you mean instead of the medical advice I get from my board-certified MD, the answer is no. If you mean are there supplements that I use to beef up my good health regimen, then yes. I take fish oil and alpha lipoic acid. I also use a lot of whole flax seed in my diet, and I have used cider vinegar at times also - in combating dawn phenomenon.
That's just what I meant. Things you can do to support the natural functioning of your body along with the medical advice of a trained professional.

Also just to share information. For example, I was using devil's claw for inflamation and found out from my pharmacist that it can cause low-blood sugar in some cases and so is contraindicated for diabetics.

What is flax and fish oil supposed to help do? I can't use flax, but I do use Omega supplements for cholesterol and overall joint, brain and heart health.
Fish oil is another source of omega 3 fatty acids, as is whole flax seed. The flax seed is also an excellent source of soluble fiber.
What are Omega 3 fatty acids supposed to do for diabetes?
I use a couple of homeopathic medicines, but not for diabetes. I really do not see any results from using them. I do take cinnamon/2000MG per day and it needs to be Cinnamomum cassia bark. Cinnamon is considered a dietary supplement and I don't think that it is considered homeopathic.
What do you take cinnamon for then if not for diabetes?
Breeze is right - the first thing my doc did at my diagnosis was put me on a statin. My lipids were borderline for years, but very stable. But once diabetes entered the picture, treatment for lipids became more important.
Wow! That's interesting. I never knew that there was this correlation. I have had cholesterol problems since I was 17. My old doctor could never make sense out of how someone my age and physical shape at the time had cholesterol problems ...and neither could I.

Maybe I've had blood sugar issues longer than I knew as well. I didn't start to have symptoms that I know of until I was about 20. Although I read on another forum about diabetic children a thread mentioned migraines as a symptom which i have suffered from since I was 3.
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