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you didn't eat nothing you ate 1/2 a piece of toast. toast is made from wheat. Wheat is very Glycemic (raises blood sugar fast)

It is carbohydrates and sugars that raise BGL. some Carbs raise BGL faster than table sugar. mashed potato's will raise BG faster than eating the same amount of table sugar.

This is the minimum knowledge you need, it will give a starting point.

Your diabetic, your pancreas no longer controls your Blood Sugar Levels BGL, So…You need to control your BGL.

It can be done
your tools

Pills and or insulin

Read the labels on food packages.
you are interested in the TOTAL Carbohydrates.
get to know the Glycemic index of foods.

All foods with carbohydrates (carbs) Raises BGL
especially fast acting carbs are
almost anything white. White bread, potato, rice, sugar (eating a potato is worse than eating sugar as far as BGL goes.)

Protein, fiber and fat
slows down the rise of BGL.

meds (pills and insulin)
lower BSL

lowers BSL

Basically those are the tools you have, use them well and you will have a long Happy life.

O ya… To learn HOW THIS ALL AFFECTS YOU… Test, test, test… before you eat, test 1 hour after you eat , test 2 hours after you eat test before exercise test after exercise. Everybody is affected differently by carbs and by different foods. So you need to test to find out how You react to different foods

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