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How do YOU cheat??

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Ok, I am assuming that I am not the only one who occationally eats something that I know full well is BAD for me but I eat it anyway.

So here is my question to those who 'cheat'. HOW and WHEN??

With me, I will go for a few weeks sticking to a strict meal plan and being very good. Then, I will take one day and have whatever I want. I still stay REASONABLE in that I keep my BS below 140 after a meal or snack, but the calories, carbs and fats are simply 'forgotten about' for the day.

The next day, I am back on task. So my whacked sense of logic tells me that it was just one day and now I am back on track.

Do you have 'throw away' days, or do you just sneak a cookie every other day? OR, do you never cheat?
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it's interesting reading all your stories... the most important thing is that we learn what works for us. As far as cheating goes I agree with Shanny... no food is off limits... it's more to do with portion sizes. Where I live they teach you that fat is also no good for BGLs and so I keep focused on varying my foods. When I lost 20kgs initially I simply changed how I cooked my food. Everything was microwaved without fats, occasionally I used the grill. The other thing I changed was portion sizes. But as others here have said the lighter you get the harder it gets to lose the weight. I plateaued and then I gained 10kgs and then I've lost & gained a few kgs ever since. I'm 5'8 (173cm) and currently about 195 lbs (88kgs). I'm still overweight but I'm glad I haven't got back to being 99kgs which I was when I was first diagnosed. I'm the biggest female in my family... the rest of them are skinny minnies but also a lot shorter than me. Sometimes I wonder if genetics plays a part with weight as what I remember of my father is that he was one very large man and so was his mother. I'm determined to never get that large! Another thing I was going to add is on the odd occasion I have some alcohol (I'm not a drinker at all really). I had a cider last night with my sis-in-law and unlike the glass of champagne I had on NYE I actually wound up having a hypo last night. It's all trial & error with everything.
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