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Although I'm not on insulin and can't speak to that, my numbers were up high like yours and I was very sick. Looking back, I realize it took some time to feel 'normal' (whatever that is), but it took very little time to feel much much better. And that just kept getting better and better. The feeling better was the infusions of insulin in the hospital, but then changing my diet dramatically and help from meds.

You say you're aware of how hard it will be and that you're clutching at straws - all that is a rather desperate frame of mind which I understand in the moment, but ... you might find this far easier than your worst imaginings right now.

Feeling very bad now could be the salvation that it was for me. Remember how you feel now. Not wanting to ever get that way again will give you motivation and make things far simpler than if you felt perfectly and some white coat came in and said, "We have these numbers here that mean you have to mix up how you do things like now!" =That's= tough - and the people who pull that off have my respect and admiration.

Diabetes is an invisible disease, except when it isn't - and it isn't for people like you and me.

You'll be fine. And I think you'll start feeling better =very= quickly!
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