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How To Figure Insulin Sensitivity Factor

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How do T2's figure their ISF? The 1500 & 1800 rule is for T1. I have read that T2's still have some insulin and can't totally rely on the 1500 & 1800 rule. If you google how to figure your ISF-most info says that
T2's can't rely on the 1500 & 1800 rule. Why?:confused::confused:
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I can only venture a guess that it's because a T2 creates insulin and has a resistancy to insulin. So the 1500 rule would have to be different from person to person. So if you can imagine that a type 1 is 1500 given a simple example takes 30u a day...
1500/30 = 50 mg/dl per u..

a type 2 is resistant to the insulin so it may look like this in one patient based off their resistance factor
1000/30 = 33
or this in another
700/30 = 23

Not to mention that your body's resistance factor may change overtime in relationship to activity level, or lifestyle changes, so it seems to me that there are far more factors to account for in a T2.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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