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Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Angelique and I am 34. I am brand new to this forum, just checked it out for the first time tonight. I am a Type I diabetic since 1993. I don't feel too bothered by it, just irritated when low BS interrupts my workouts. I keep tight control on my numbers (sometimes too tight, hence the frequent low BS while exercising). I am lazy with carb counting and I often over-bolus. But... that being said, my numbers are still good. I just received the new revel pump from Mini-med yesterday and am looking forward to using it. I have been on the 715 from mini-med for 4 years and the 508 for 4 years before that. As you all know, diabetes is a constant learning experience and I look forward to bettering myself from the knowledge that you all can share with me! :)
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