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We ate dinner at my parents last night as my mum watched my girls for the day while I was at work (they are on school holiday until Monday) and the plan was for them to sleep over last night as well.

The dinner plan was pizza (I love pizza), but as I have committed myself to trying to get more onto the LCHF WOE, I decide I could not indulge in even a slice. So, I stopped at the market and picked up a half a rotisserie chicken and pre cut raw broccoli and cauliflower. I fried up the veg (in blissfully golden, delicious butter) and threw some herbs on it, and ate just the breast of the chicken, because that was all I was able to eat. My mum made a salad and the dressing was low carb and low sugar, too (because I actually remembered to check!)

My mum insisted on paying me back for my dinner because "if I'm paying for everyone else's dinner why should I expect you to pay for your dinner?" I said she was being ridiculous as it was my choice not to eat the pizza and rather than make an issue, I just took care of myself. She insisted

Tonight they are coming over to us for dinner (as they are bringing the children home) and I asked her to bring dessert. She asked what I could eat and I told her not to worry about me as I have stuff at home. Last night he served pound cake (butter cake) and chocolate bark and ice cream. I had tea (forgot cream, so I had to have a splash of skim milk. I can't drink tea without it).

Must stay on the wagon...
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