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sounds to me that you are using Glyburide or something similar, sulfonylurea-based med, no?

for me at least Glygburide likes to suck out all stored insulin and force my pancreas to produce until it is stunned and producing no insulin at all. then if i eat anything my blood sugar shoots sky high. I gave up controlling my diabetes for 4 years because of the terrible hypos. I now use insulin which is much better.

while on insulin i have experimented with Glyburide. Glyburide 2.5 mg will force a lockup at 89 mg/dl and 5 mg will force a lockup at 58 mg/dl until it runs me out of pancreas stored insulin. my dosage had been 10 mg twice a day, no wonder i was always going hypo.

and yes, insulin is the better way, even with this cheap non-prescription Humulin from Walmart that i have been using.

Good luck on your diabetes adventure

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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