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Ok folks, I have a question (because I can't get to my doctor for a few weeks), does anyone know about hypos and exercise with type 2? I exercise quite vigorously. I run 5km and cycle about 20km in the gym. I usually carb load before exercise so that I am timing my spike to just about the time of my exercise. My BS comes shooting down and I end up in the 50/60 range after exercise, but then raises to about 90/100 in the hour after exercise.

My question is thus, I am getting off medication, on the advice of my doctor who said that I should reduce meds until I I don't need it. I can control things well with diet and exercise. Now, when I am off my meds, will I ever be in danger of hypos? Is it the meds which cause hypos or will I be in danger if I exercise too much. I think my body will just act as a non-diabetic and I will have no problems. But I just want to clarify that with folks on here - if I am not taking meds, I am at any greater risk of hypos than a 'normal' person?

Hope it isn't too much of a stupid question....
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