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I have extreme fatigue. I am always drinking something all day and night while i am awake and using the restroom mostly because my mouth is dry. I have noticed vision problems in low light and reading but i am not sure if that is unrelated. I have noticed numbness and tingling at times but i attributed that to that fact i sit at a desk all day long or that i am laying on my arm or hand . My wounds are very slow to heal as well.

I find that eat more food than i need to because i am tired and food gives me energy although i always seem to need more food or sugar to even function which i used to get from drinking mass amounts of soda. Sometimes i feel fine but i am wondering if what i am eating or drinking is causing bouts of fatigue.

I am 5'9 and weighed about 250. I lost 47 lbs and i am down to 203 and working on at least another 20 lbs.

I know nothing about Diabetes does the food and fatigue sound familiar to Diabetes? Is there a cheap way to test for diabetes? what should i do if you think i have Diabetes?
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